2012 Plastics Industry Exhibition (NPE)

//2012 Plastics Industry Exhibition (NPE)

2012 Plastics Industry Exhibition (NPE)

Exhibition Dates:April 2-5.2012

Exhibition period: three-year term

Venue: Orlando Orange County Convention Center, Florida, USA

Booth No.:50028
Welcome to Jiangsu Lianguan Science & Technology Development Co.,LtdInfo: International Plastics Exhibition (NPE) is the largest, the oldest NPE, the world’s second largest plastics industry event. 1946 began with a session every three years in New York, and later moved to Chicago. Today NPE exhibitors, exhibition space, scale, and strive to the number of visitors, etc. to maintain steady growth. NPE2012 will be staged for the first time held in Orlando, Florida, will attract more buyers of Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in and bring greater benefits for exhibitors. 2012 will be the 75th anniversary of SPI U.S. Plastics Industry Association was established. Since its inception in 1937, the SPI for the U.S. Plastics Industry Association to provide enterprises with an industry platform for the exchange to express the view of the industry and the creation of market opportunities, promote the development of the industry, and in 1946 successfully held for the first time the NPE. Of NPE 2012 will mark the 75 anniversary celebration of the SPI, but also witnessed the steady development of the plastics industry.
NPE2009 exhibitors up to 2800, the net stand area of 2.1 million square feet (195,000 m2), 33% of exhibitors from outside the United States. 64,438 industry professionals visited the exhibition, 23% from 114 countries in the international community. Scale of the show, the audience, and display the results through the exhibition, the exhibitors can not only keep abreast of the latest developments and master the international plastics industry, but can also meet directly with international buyers, help to close a variety of potential customers. looking for agents and distributors, to negotiate a joint venture, co-operation is a rare great opportunity to meet with global buyers.
Expected the NPE 2012 exhibition area of 195,000 square meters (2.1 million feet), to participate in the 2600 Company of the exhibitors, 80,000 buyers from around the world many plastic industrial products, plastics professionals and buyers, of which 13 500 from outside the United States.
• Exhibits:
Type examples of products
Major plastics processing sheet high-speed injection molding presses, blown film and its production lines, extruded film, plastic film, paint, mold machine, transformers
Plastic auxiliary equipment, polyester, rubber, crystal, packing machine, extruder controller, view the testing device, sealing systems
Conversion equipment surface processors, metal coating, measuring instruments, navigation, detection system, coating, laminating mold, cutting and sealing devices, printing technology
Package device sealing technology, automation components
Resin raw materials and mixtures of biological materials, biodegradable plastic, high temperature seals, product shipment protection
Additives stunt colorants, colorants, mold release agents, plastic cleaner, low-odor additives
Mold injection mold, blow mold, label molding, extrusion and coating mold, trimming and stamping dies
Printing and decoration offset press, laser tag, thermal printing
Recycling shredders, granulators
Packaging of the finished film, foam cushioning materials, bags, radio frequency identification tags, retail bags
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