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    Project Description

    Irrigation Belt Extrusion Line
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    DGD Series Drip Irrigation Production Line
    Drip Irrigation line is used to produce single wing labyrinth water conveying belt on the base of . polyolefin. It is widely used in warm room, farm and so on.

    Technical Parameters
    1.The production line adopts high efficiency extruder, swift net changer and screw plastic
    blowing head.
    2.Specially designed vacuum composite forming die to ensure the accuracy and composite
    3.Unique mesurement device and scale huff to ensure the precise of products.
    4.Extruder and hual off adopt AC frequency conversion technology.
    5.Temperature is adjusted by temperature control meter to realize PID control.
    6.The production is controlled by PLC and equipped with human-computer interface, all the
    technical parameters can be set on the touch screen.