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    MK Series Mold Temperature Controller
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    Features and application :
    MK Series Mold Temperature Controller has applied high pressure, large flow imported centrifugal water pumps for different sorts of molds. The agent spreads deeply into the mold so as to guarantee constant temperature.

    The pipes have all applied stainless steel material, the pipes are smooth, erosion-proof and durable.
    In heating, the temperature increase speed is rather high, its cooling ability is very strong, it is high efficient and power-saving.
    Temperature control has applied FID mode, temperature control is rather precise
    (Max. +/-0.3℃), rapid and reliable so as to guarantee stability of shaping production.
    Main electrical parts are all imported so as to realize safety and stability of the machine.
    Delicate appearance design saves limited space, which makes it convenient to move and use.