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    PVC Automatic Compounding Production Line
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    BM Series Powder Material Automatic Compounding Production Line
    This system is mainly used for the conveyance of powdermaterials.

    It can be adopted in the negative pressure and positivepressure(thin phase and thick phase),the calculation of main materials and auxiliary materials, the mixer and the collectingstorage. And according to the site situation,
    it can be adopted thenegative pressure or screw conveyance to divide materials intoeachhopper. During the whole period,
    the PLC central control willbe adopted and the central monitor on the post as well.
    The system will meet the needs of the production art demandand the present condition of the plant house.
    The annual output is2000T-100000T.
    Monitor System:The drawing track application of the multicolour computer display
    provides the dynamic drawing of various equipments in the field of production.
    Auxiliary Material Measuring System:
    This system adopts imported gravity sensor to measuring various small constituentaddictives in a accumulation measuring meathod accurately. The measuring precise is 0.1%. The measuring screw driven
    by Siemens transducer. There equipped with homogenization device in the head part of the gauging rod to avoid the measuring interference factor.