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PVC Profile Extrusion Line
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The main advantages are:
1) Energy savings
2) Less space needed
3) Simple logistic management
4) Substantial cost savings (investment, management …)
5) Formulations adjustable in-line
6) Maintain a proprietary in-house manufacturing process

LIANGUAN is a specialist in offering turn – key solution for the entire process plant.
The typical layout for a profile system includes the following modules:
1. Automatic feeder
2. Twin screw co-rotating extruder for excellent mixing and high production rate
3. Melt Pump – for steady pressure generation and
4. Die Head – for shaping your desired profile
5. Calibrator with cooling sprayers – for heat removal
6. Haul off
7. Cutter unit
8. Stacker
As you need, we also can manufacture PP/PE lines for you