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    EPS recycling machine
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    EPS Recycling Machine has many useful properties. It can be used as an insulator against heat and the cold. It is good at absorbing shocks and protecting delicate items æ for example your head when used as part of a cycle crash helmet.

    EPS Recycling Machine is also named as Expanded Polystyrene Equipment. It has the following functions:
    1. Grinding: grind the foamed plastic into pieces
    2. Melting: extrude and hot melt the grinded materials
    3. Reduction: 1:90, reduce the size of the foamed materials
    4. Cutting and cooling: hydraulic cut the melted materials and cool them with a water tank for easy transport, storage and reuse
    Accoding to your needs, pellet forming extrusion apparatus and auxiliary equipment can be added in the EPS recycle line. We also supply PET bottle washing line, plastic recycling machines, pp film granulating line, pe film recycling line and also plastic extrusion lines.