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PE/PP Granulating Line
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PP Granulating line , PE recycling system consist of :
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1. Agglomerator: press the materials for down steam feeding into extruder
2. Screw feeder: tansport the pressed materials to the extruder

3. Force feeder: will feed the materials into the extruder continously
4. Extruder: equipped with pre-heaters, filtrating screen and venting hole, driven by frequency conversion system, it could extrude good quality melt with high capacity
5. Water-ring pelletizer: flat mould, the knIves close to mould face, stable pelletzing can be realized
6. Dewatering machine: screen out the water with a high speed centrifigue
7. Blowing system: dry the pellets as well as convey the pellets to the cyclone silo
8. Cyclone silo: for separation of dust from fine material to achieve a better quality final products.
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